Friday, March 4, 2011

A Cold

We have all had colds here.  A head cold is not much fun.  I was just skiting the other day that we haven't had a cold or flu for some time.  We must be a bit run down at present.  Might be something to do with the renovations.  All the noise and dust. And the decision making is quite stressful.  The builders are wonderful and doing a great job but still it is stressful.

We always take preventive measures of homoeopathics, herbs and vitamins when we come in contact with someone with a cold or flu.  But now that we have succumbed to a cold we have also been taking the following:-

Withania somnifera - a great adaptagen to help with stand stress, antioxidant, amphoteric (can help regulate important physiologic processes - helps you feel better) and studies have shown withania to have an immunostimulatory effect.   I have Withania growing in the garden.

Zyzyphus jujube  - sedative - taken just before bed.

Olive Leaf Extract - traditionally used to relief colds, coughs and flu.

BioResearch Homoeopathic Complexes for cold and flu (from health practitioners only)

Oxyrich - oxygen supplement to help keep up body levels of oxygen.

With the above regime we should recover well, ready to face the on-going building extensions.

Please see you health practitioner before considering taking any of the above.

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