Sunday, October 10, 2010

Handcrafted Soaps and Cupboard Keepers

It’s time to start thinking about Xmas presents.  I like to give handmade presents or natural healthy items to my friends and family.  I thought this year I would try making handcrafted soap as gifts.  Not having the experience or the time for making soap from scratch I started with melt and pour soap.  This is really fun but there is a knack to getting it just right.  So I think  the melt and pour will be a new hobby - next year.  Any tips would be appreciated.
Meanwhile I have sourced some lovely Handcrafted Soaps and I came across something interesting – Cupboard Keepers.
I was very taken with the Citrus Cupboard Keeper ………………
Citrus Cupboard Keeper

Imbue your cupboard spaces with these fresh lemon scented essential oil clothing protector blocks.
Harness the protective power of essential oils in your clothing, linen and cupboard space with these natural alternatives to moth balls and naphthalene flakes.
With naturally insect repellent lemon scented oils, including lemongrass and may change essential oils and filled with calendula petals and a sprinkling of vibrant blue cornflower petals, these natural alternatives to naphthalene flakes and moth balls will last for many months in your cupboards, drawers and storage spaces.
Go to Citrus Cupboard Keepers for more details

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