Monday, June 25, 2012

Renewing Furniture

new look bedside table
Our old bedroom furniture is need of updating. It's all reasonable pieces of furniture it just needs a new look.  We have decided to re-make our bedroom into a 'coastal look'.  Using a white chalk paint and some star fish cabinet knobs.

painting drawers
We are moving back into the main bedroom.  Last year we built an extension under the house, adding a bedroom, bathroom, laundry and TV room.  We moved into the new bedroom.  It has now become clear to us that the bedroom downstairs would make an idea living space as an addition to the large deck on that level. 

dresser before
We painted the main bedroom; had new carpet laid and now have an air filter in the room to clear any out-gases from the paint and carpet.  We should be able to move in by the weekend. For the rest of the week we will 'renewing' our bedroom furniture.

The one problem I have is the fake fireplace.  It belonged to my grandparents.  They bought it sometime in the 1940's.  However the years are starting to show.  Every time  it gets a bump or a knock another piece of plaster falls off.  It is that fragile sometimes plaster falls off with just a touch.  It is no longer a nice piece of furniture to live with.  I think I might have to chalk paint it.  My grandmother was a very practical women and I doubt very much that she would mind.  So later in the week the fireplace gets a new look.

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